Through the Thicket

One of the advantages of having far too much to do is that, having pushed on, head down, like a boar through the thicket, you sometimes suddenly emerge onto a clear, sunlit plain.  Mid-August to late-September for me is always tangled with bureaucratic extras that take far more time to get through than anything I have to do for the benefit of my students, but this September included a few unanticipated deadfalls and snares, including one that has quite literally lamed me and slowed my progress still further.  I’m still recovering from that injury, but today I looked up to see the glimmer of light through a final stand of trees.

Just this moment, I’m taking time to pause, to lift my head, to blink in wonder at the sun, and to look back at the darkness I’ve come through.  What lies ahead are a clear Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and (if I’m lucky) half of a Monday–all for me, which means all for writing.

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