Nope. Not Doing It. I’m Not Leaving My Cave

I have to get back to full-time teaching in a couple of weeks, but already I’ve made up my mind that I’ll be sticking as close as possible to my writing cave, venturing out only when absolutely necessary.  Characters are chattering at me when I’m drinking my coffee, walking my dog, shopping for groceries, driving my car, or trying to relax by reading or watching a movie–and yesterday, I had a flash of the closing image, the very last moment in the story.  Lately there have been so many light bulbs firing off in my brain I’m surprised my neighbors haven’t complained about the nuisance.

For the last week, when I’ve had to stop writing for the day–simply from exhaustion–I’ve been working on class syllabi, uploading PDFs, and tending to other bits of time-gobbling trivia it takes to get classes going.  I’ve also plotted a work-map for the semester.  With its days and chunks of days blocked out for writing, it is no doubt idealized and impossible, but it helps to aim high.

Or maybe I should say, aim to stay high.  I’m counting on those blocks of time to draw me back, irresistibly, like a lodestone–back to this story, these people, who have taken over my soul.

Now…they’re talking again, so, if you’ll excuse me…

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