Thank You, Readers

I’ve only just realized it’s been more than two months since my last post.  Unfortunately, that’s what happens when you’re climbing the Mountain of Minutiae–head down, concentrating on nothing but the next step.

Despite that frustration–which includes longing for the peace of my writing cave and the company of my characters–what I really want to do here is not to complain about all the minor but relentless tasks that come along with the beginning of any academic year, but rather to thank all the readers who have continued to take the time to email me to let me know what The Sisters has meant to them.  I still recall the thrill of the first few emails that came in the weeks after The Sisters was released in 2011, but I never imagined that, two years on, I’d still be getting as many as I do. 

So, thank you, Readers.  To all of you.  But a special thanks to those of you who have taken time to write–to tell me how you were drawn to the book, or how you felt as you read, or which character touched you most closely, which you wanted to slap or to hold in your arms.

All summer, I worked hard on a new novel and made some real progress.  My promise to you is that, having cleared most of the minutiae, I’ll be getting back to work on book within the next few days.  I can’t tell you when it will be finished, but I’m working on it!

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