My Inspirational Home Away from Home

A couple of weeks ago, my dog Gordy and I spent the weekend in Historic Rugby, Tennessee, the place we both love best as a home away from home.  That weekend, my cherished friends, Donna and Annie, re-opened their shop The Spirit of Red Hill in the newly reconstructed Alexander-Perrigo House, and now they’ve launched their new website so everyone can see their lovely place and all the marvelous things inside.

Everyone who visits Historic Rugby will tell you there’s just something about the place–a feeling of peace so complete, so enveloping that even a few hours there siphons off months of stress.  My recent visit cleared my head enough to get me going full steam ahead on my new novel.

So plan a trip there. Rugby is glorious in June.

Oh, and by the way…if you’re looking for a signed hardcover copy of The Sisters, you can get one in person at The Spirit of Red Hill!

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