Finally, Finally, Finally

Finally, finally, finally–after just shy of two years in my new job, new city, new house, I have managed to make my living space livable.  “Livable” for me means “practically functional” so that I can quickly find what I need, use it, and put it away again.  I can’t count how many times in the last several weeks I have filled the back of my car and hauled things to various local charities.  No longer am I stumbling over still-packed boxes and wasting time hunting through hastily over-stuffed closets or badly arranged cabinets!

Now,  I have only to get through about 10 more days of full-time teaching, and my lovely long writing summer will open out before me.

Finally, finally, finally–I have a clear house, a clear head, and a clear schedule ready to converge into, I hope, clear writing!

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