From “THE SISTERS…is a PERFECT book group book”

Last fall, when The Sisters was first released, posted a generous review. Now, upon the release of the paperback, site editor Carol Fitzgerald has mentioned THE SISTERS again.

She writes, “One of my 2011 Bets on selections, THE SISTERS, a debut novel by Nancy Jensen, is now available in paperback. This is a PERFECT book group book — the kind where there are multiple threads to talk about and some deep moral issues. As I said in my comments about it, “I see a bright future for it as people discuss the power of sisterhood, as well as how society through the years has influenced the roles of women. I can see wonderful conversations with folks tripping their opinions over each other arising from discussions about it.” There is a special opportunity for you to win 10 copies of the book for your book group. Go to for more details!

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