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Who Am I Anyway? Am I My Resume?

You know you’re in the company of a great conversationalist when you find yourself sharing things about yourself only your best friends (and maybe your siblings) know–such as my penchant for musical theatre and the likelihood that I might break into song at any moment. These are only a couple of the things that tumbled out of my mouth as I spoke with Julie Frey, of the Women’s National Book Association, who followed these revelations by deftly leading me into telling, among other things, how I came to be a reader, how I came to be a writer, and how I came to write The Sisters and In Our Midst. If you stick around for the last ten minutes or so, you’ll see me scurry through my dark and pokey hallway to get to a power cord before my computer battery dies, and you’ll be treated to a cameo appearance by my cat Joey.

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