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Paperback Coming! And Boundless Thanks to Share Right Now

Only one more month–a few days less than that, actually–to the paperback release of The Sisters!

I want to take a moment to express my thanks–my warmest, deepest, widest possible thanks–to all the independent booksellers around the country who have rallied round my book and have personally put copies into thousands of customers’ hands.  These amazing booksellers made The Sisters the #1 IndieNext pick for December 2011, and the paperback release is once again being featured in the September flyer.

And I want to thank all you wonderful readers, too, who have embraced The Sisters and have been moved to share the book with friends and family.  I can’t speak for every writer, but for this writer, there has been no experience more marvelous than hearing from readers who have been moved by The Sisters.  Thank you!

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